You’re right there, I see this all over Medium. Many, many Black writers are writing incendiary articles and using shame and blame tactics to get White readers to admit their ‘White guilt’ which leads to some people writing, “The Day I Woke Up and Realized I Was a Racist…blah…blah…’ I don’t know if this is their agenda all along but getting angry, hostile and trying to shame people to get them to atone for their ‘White sins’ isn’t the way forward to change. Like you say it, “pushes people away or makes them bury their views underground..”.

Personally I am happy to say I have a clear conscious and experience no guilt when it comes to racism. I certainly don’t need to apologize for White guilt nor do I need to outline to anyone publicly, Black or White, what I am doing to support anti-racist causes. It’s personal choice.

Writer, artist, fashion & travel blogger, former cabin crew. Dublin, Ireland. Creator & editor of:

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