Yes, yes!! I’m all for supporting newbie writers with small followings (in the hundreds rather than the thousands) such as myself. They are the people that need our support. Like you say, ‘top’ writers with 1K plus followers don’t need our support, they’re already doing well.

The key to getting read on Medium all depends on whether your article is featured on the home page or not. I’ve also noticed that a lot of ‘top’ writers have their own little club where they tag each other & sing each other’s praises. I think there should be a similar club for writers who have less than 500 followers — we need to encourage & support each other.

Writing on Medium should be about community & engaging with other writers not necessarily comparing yourself to others & how little or how much you’re making compared with them.

Great article! 👍🏻

Writer, artist, fashion & travel blogger, former cabin crew. Dublin, Ireland. Creator & editor of:

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