Wow brilliant piece Crystal, it totally resonates with me! I haven’t tried US dating sites as I live in Dublin but the same shit happens on Irish dating sites! The below is what pisses me off:

  1. Men who have negative dating profiles and whine about their exes, past etc
  2. Men who have bad spelling and grammar and make themselves sound like they haven’t graduated from grade school.
  3. Men who upload pics of themselves from 10 years ago looking slim with no grey hair and when you meet them in person it’s the exact opposite!
  4. Men who lie about their height, stating they’re 5'11 but when you meet them they’re about 5 inches shorter! Big difference there I think! :-)
  5. Men who misrepresent themselves including omitting information like having kids, being divorced or being cagey about they do for a living.

I’m sure most women who use dating sites can relate to the list above and can add many more!

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