Totally agree. I have a great example of this behaviour. I was a fan of a rock band with a gorgeous, talented lead singer. The fans were members of a cult, called the echelon. I paid a lot of money for a Meet & Greet with this rock star. When I walked up to stand beside him, he ignored me & I was very upset. When I ranted about what happened on FB, many echelon couldn’t stand to hear their idol criticised so they vigorously defended him. They made constant excuses for his behaviour saying, “oh, he wasn’t in the mood” or “he was having a bad day”. They didn’t want to hear anything, no matter how true it was, that was contrary to their beliefs. They didn’t agree when I called their idol “rude & arrogant”. Many of them unfriended & blocked me because I was destroying their happiness with my truths. It was too much reality for them to deal with. They obviously wanted to continue living in their fantasy world. They suffered from confirmation bias.

I have since deleted my FB account & have no contact with this fanbase. It was a lesson learned about human behaviour & beliefs! 😊

Writer, artist, fashion & travel blogger, former cabin crew. Dublin, Ireland. Creator & editor of:

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