This Christmas, Grin & Bare It On Public Transport

You can’t beat the festive thrills of travelling on the Luas in Dublin City!

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I stood at the Luas (pronounced ‘Lewis’, it’s the Dublin tram system for the clueless folks) stop at Hueston station dressed as a Christmas tree. My colorful, neon baubles were blowing in the wind. My fairy lights were flashing on and off in the half light of early morning. I was looking forward to tonight’s office Christmas party!

Getting on the Luas proved to be a challenge as one of my fairy lights unraveled and got caught on someone’s umbrella. One of my baubles fell off & I as stooped to retrieve it, the tram doors closed suddenly. At least I managed to get on and in one piece!

The tram was packed to the gills & it was difficult to manoeuvre. However, I managed to avoid poking anyone in the eye with the sparkling star hair band perched precariously on top of my head! “Can you please move?!” a voice shrieked. “Your bauble is in my face!” I looked down & a pygmy was angrily staring up at me. He looked as if his face was about to explode.

A kind gentleman gestured, offering me an available seat. Relieved, I tentatively sat down hoping to avoid ripping my tight tree trunk ‘dress’. An elderly lady sat down beside me & I heard a loud crunch. To my horror, she had sat on one of my fairy lights crushing it to pieces! She looked up apologetically, giving me a timid smile.

I was going to arrive at the office party looking disheveled, like last year’s discarded Christmas tree!

I was engrossed in reading a message on my phone from Tara, one of my work colleagues. She was making fun of one of our co-workers who had arrived at work dressed as Alan from the movie ‘The Hangover’. She said he was wearing shorts and a t-shirt with a baby doll strapped to his chest. “That’s so lame!” she said. “He wore that to last year’s Halloween party!”

I let out a hearty laugh and suddenly felt something rip apart. To my dismay, my boobs had popped out of the top of my low cut dress and were on display for everyone on the Luas to ogle! Turning a very deep shade of crimson, I grabbed the elderly lady’s handbag & held it up in front of my chest.

Luckily, I was well prepared for this wardrobe malfunction. I was wearing my new Victoria’s Secret bra!

What else could I do, but sheepishly grin & bare it all!

T’is the season to be silly! 😆

Thank you for reading! Happy Holidays to all my readers! This is dedicated especially to: Bebe Nicholson Linda Caroll Brian Brewington Michelle Monet LeNora Faye Kitty Hannah Eden Kyrie Gray Gillian Sisley Glenna Gill Crystal Jackson Shannon Ashley Shani Silver Jessica Lovejoy Jessica Wildfire George J. Ziogas Tammy Hader Michael O’Dwyer Zulie Rane traceybyfire Jenny Zita Fontaine

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