The Story Of An Irish Soggy Bottom Girl…

Don’t you just love when an unfortunate event transforms itself into something fortunate? Well thankfully, I’m not Lemony Snickett or particularly accident prone but literally everything came crashing around me today!

At lunchtime today I was sitting in my favourite Dublin cafe enjoying a delicious turkey wrap and pot of Earl Grey tea when the counter I was sitting at came apart from the wall and collapsed underneath me! I was so stunned I couldn’t move for a few seconds and then looked down to see my entire front and side soaked in tea! I was staring down in disbelief at the shattered cup and saucer on the ground – what the hell just happened?! I jumped out of my seat, quickly rescuing my coat but ended up smearing it in turkey and guacamole – delightful!

The loud crashing noise caused such a commotion that everyone in the cafe was staring and the staff came rushing over to offer assistance. Luckily everyone was ok, shaken but not stirred! The pregnant lady beside me joked that her baby must have given the counter an almighty kick to make it collapse. I said her baby sounds like a future Ireland rugby star!

The staff were fantastic, constantly apologising and asking if I was ok. They just couldn’t figure out what happened. I mean it wasn’t like any of us had sat on the counter or got up and started salsa dancing on it! It was a freak accident! The manager brought me in to use the dryer in the ladies toilet as well as offering to pay my dry cleaning bill. She insisted that I take home another turkey wrap as well as including a generous portion of chocolate biscuit cake which I gladly accepted.

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It’s when mishaps like this occur and you’re publicly embarrassed that you really get to see how good or bad the customer service is at your favourite eatery. Well I must say that the staff showed they really cared and went above and beyond what I expected of them. They were extremely attentive, showed they valued my custom and in this digital age, wanted to discourage me from posting a complaint about the incident on social media!

Leaving the cafe with my dignity intact, I reassured the manager I’d be back (but maybe I’d just avoid sitting at the counter in future, just to be on the safe side!). I called my boss to regale what had happened saying that I thought it best not to sit at my desk with a tea stained top and a soggy bottom! I went home today with a smile on my face, a gourmet chocolate biscuit cake but minus my coat (which I had dropped off at the dry cleaners).

‘Girl Interrupted’ became ‘Girl Satisfied’! It truly paid off becoming a soggy bottom girl today. What an ordeal to go through just to get the afternoon off work!

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