The Sartorial Guide to Making Jumpsuits Sexy

Versatile, comfortable and easy to wear, the jumpsuit fits in perfectly with your busy lifestyle

Make onsies sexy again! Image courtesy

From 80s wardrobe outcast to firm fashion favorite, the jumpsuit has been experiencing a revival. We want simplicity, comfort and ease in what we choose to wear daily. Nothing accomplishes this goal of sartorial speed and effortlessness like the jumpsuit. Dress it up with a pair of stilettos or dress it down with a pair of pumps or trainers. Versatile, comfortable and easy to wear, the jumpsuit fits in perfectly with a woman’s busy lifestyle. It’s chic, uncomplicated and can be worn for almost any occasion.

The first ever jumpsuit was created by a Florentine designer, Thayat in 1919 as a practical piece of clothing worn by parachuters and sky divers. It literally was a suit made for jumping out of planes! Vera Maxwell, a pioneer of American sportswear, designed a jumpsuit worn by millions of ‘riveting Rosies’ during the second world war. ‘We Can Do It’ posters of Rosie the Riveter in her ‘onsie’ and polka dot headband have become an iconic cultural reference and symbol of female empowerment.

Rosie the Riveter

Elsa Schiaparelli designed the first high-fashion jumpsuit in the late 1930s. She created a collection inspired by the impending war which included a woman’s jumpsuit cut from green silk, featuring large front pockets. It was revolutionary and liberating!

The Schiaparelli jumpsuit 1939

The women’s liberation movement of the 70s saw a major revival of the jumpsuit. It became an every day basic for working women because of its simplicity and versatility. During the disco era, it became popular for both men and women. Elvis started a trend with his famous white, studded jumpsuit. The striped jumpsuit David Bowie wore during his Ziggy Stardust era has become an iconic piece of fashion history.

David Bowie as Ziggy Stardust

During the 80s, jumpsuits became bigger, bolder and brighter. The outfit could make a huge impact with very little work involved. If your partner is looking for inspiration for next year’s Halloween costume, you could always coax him to dress up as Maverick from Top Gun!

Maverick costume

In 2020, jumpsuits are more toned down and simple. The belted, plunging one I’m wearing here is available from &otherstories for €69. I like to call it the ‘corporate onsie’ as it takes me from the boardroom to after work drinks. All I need to add is a chic pair of red stilettos!

Rocking the ‘corporate onsie’ by

The good news is that rompers for men have become a micro trend. The perfect choice for the style conscious Californian who has become bored of wearing separates and wants to spend less time getting ready in the morning. Just throw on your romper and head to the beach with your laptop!

Coachella is the perfect venue to showcase your new onsie! Image courtesy

Add sass and simplicity to your wardrobe with an easy to wear jumpsuit (or romper)— it’s the key to looking effortlessly cool!

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