My ex wants to remain friends with me but the feeling isn't mutual. After our relationship ended last December, I blocked him planning to move on & forget about him. He messaged me in March asking was I safe and well and I responded because I thought it was nice of him to consider my well being during a pandemic. He got in touch again in August saying he passed my workplace and thought of me. He said, "It would be nice to see you again." I knew at this point he was just trying butter me up and get back in my life so I stopped replying to his messages and blocked him for the 2nd time. I wish him well but we dated for only 5 months and I have no interest in being friends with him.

I wouldn't advise this for everyone however, it really depends on the situation and whether you feel comfortable being friends with an ex. I'm the type of person that feels moving on completely is best for my mental health! :-)

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