My Body Is An Ink Free Temple.

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There is help for those with tattoo addiction!

I have never been a fan of tattoos and prefer to keep my body ink free. Nowadays tattoos are trendier and more popular than ever and it’s rare to see people without them. People like to express themselves by getting a tattoo whether it’s to represent their dedication to a band, remember a deceased loved one or to express their love for their romantic partner (if you happen to be dating a Winona, know that when you break up you can always re-design it to ‘Wino’!) Tattoos are becoming more acceptable in a corporate environment meaning fewer people have to cover them up in the workplace or when they are interviewing for a new job.

I completely understand and respect people’s desire to get inked but the problem I have with tattoos is their permanency. If I like a certain design or symbol, I would just get that printed on a t-shirt, jacket or bag because if I get sick of it, I can take it off. People experience so much change during a lifetime and what seems like a really cool idea in your twenties, will seem ridiculous in your forties. Of course when you spontaneously decide to get a tattoo at age 20, you never think that in ten or twenty years time that you will regret it because it no longer represents who you are. In the past 10 years, profits from the tattoo removal business have soared 440 percent, up to over $1 billion a year in the US alone. If you have any reservations at all about the content of the tattoo you want, stick to temporary ink instead; it’s about 25 cents a pop.

If I absolutely had to get a tattoo, it would be a very small, subtle one in black ink in an inconspicuous place on my shoulder blade because at least then I could cover it up if I needed to. I always cringe when I see people with a full sleeve of colored tattoos on both arms because I’m thinking how hard it must be for them to match it with clothing in their wardrobe! A full sleeve of tattoos might look cool at a rock concert but if I needed to dress up for a formal event and wear a glamorous, floor length, strapless evening gown, the tattoos would look horrible and ruin the look. Tattoos aren’t just for rock concerts, they are for life.

Why be the same as everybody else these days? Be different and DON’T get a tattoo! Something that everybody else has just isn’t cool or edgy anymore and there is nothing worse than a low quality, cheap looking tattoo, it stands out for all the wrong reasons. Why be a walking wall of graffiti or a billboard advertisement? Why the need to advertise to the world who you are before people even meet you?

I certainly don’t feel the need to follow the crowd and express myself by covering myself with body art, I let my personality and my sense of style do the talking! The real beauty of an individual is never simply skin deep.

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Beautiful art work but does it need to go on your body?

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