Michael, I’m so glad you wrote this as I like to hear things from a man’s perspective too. Medium is strongly pro-feminist & if you’re an avid reader on here, you can’t go a day without reading several articles bashing men about toxic masculinity etc. Sometimes female writers DO take it a step too far attacking male commentators left, right & center for daring to challenge what they say. You can’t read a comment & claim to know who that person is or what they’ve done in their past.

I follow some really excellent feminist writers on here who write about being abused or wronged by the men in their past. These writers are angry. I can understand why they write their stories, it’s part of a healing process. However, sometimes I think the knives are out for men on social media, it’s an increasingly hostile environment.

Writer, artist, fashion & travel blogger, former cabin crew. Dublin, Ireland. Creator & editor of: www.phunkypunkfashion.com

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