I wear SPF 30 underneath my make up daily. While some sun exposure is beneficial, protecting my skin against premature ageing & skin cancer is a priority. I always notice women who have spent their lives outdoors or spend hours basking in the sun end up having leathery, crocodile skin. They are 50 & look 70. The detrimental effects of over exposure to the sun is well documented. Most people don’t wear enough sunscreen nor do they wear a t-shirt or hat when the sun is at its strongest. Your risk of sunburn & skin cancer really comes down to your skin type. If you’re fair skinned & live in Northern Europe you’ll need more sun protection. I enjoy sun in moderation but tend to err on the side of caution & am never without my sunscreen.

Writer, artist, fashion & travel blogger, former cabin crew. Dublin, Ireland. Creator & editor of: www.phunkypunkfashion.com

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