I concur with what Julia E Hubbel says, “…they are also the single best way to find out if you are in fact better off single.”

Last November, I spent a weekend in Amsterdam with my then boyfriend. I’m a lover of arts and culture and love visiting museums. He doesn’t, he’s a lover of sport. He spent two hours in the hotel room we shared watching a football match. I was hungry and wanted to go out to dinner. I didn’t enjoy sharing the cramped space in our hotel room, I like my privacy. I wouldn’t say the trip was a disaster but there was definitely some tension.

The trip I took alone to South Africa for 2 weeks, now THAT was bliss. I had complete freedom to do what I wanted every day with compromising. I’d always choose travelling alone toward travelling with a partner every time!

Writer, artist, fashion & travel blogger, former cabin crew. Dublin, Ireland. Creator & editor of: www.phunkypunkfashion.com

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