How to Piss People Off and Get Them To Unfriend You…

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I have way too many Facebook friends. Last count it stood at 800 so I thought for my own sanity I should cut back a little. I mean if I had to cull 500 of them, I wouldn’t really miss them would I ? Most of them are fake anyway! We use the term ‘friend’ very loosely when it comes to social media. The most effective method to achieve huge drops in your number of fake friends is to piss them off by consistently disagreeing with them and posting opposing viewpoints — watch the numbers on your list drop like flies!

Whether or not you have a Facebook account, social media can be a toxic environment which attracts an abundance of key board warriors and trolls. If there was a virtual bed for rent on Twitter, I’d imagine many would jump at the chance to rent one out permanently, such is their addiction! Many people live on Twitter just to constantly tweet celebrities they are obsessed with and if that particular celebrity responds, they share the tweet all over social media. Do they really believe it was the celebrity themselves who liked or RT their tweet? More than likely, it was the admin who runs the account but do they care? Nah!

Over the last four years I have ‘friended’ many people on Facebook that I have never even met in real life and probably will never meet because they live in foreign countries. The main thing we have in common is our love for the same rock band. I get an abundance of Facebook requests every week, mostly from people I don’t know but whom I have mutual connections with. Most of these requests I delete. Why does this person want to be friends with me in the first place? Are they just a collector of virtual friends to add to their expanding list or do they really want to get to know the real me?

My problem is that I am brutally honest and outspoken in my opinions and many people don’t like that. Most people only want to stay friends with you ‘while the sun is shining’ because they are ‘fair weather’ friends. As long you share the same views and constantly praise the artist that they love, they love you. One of my favorite artists recently released a new single but I openly criticized it which I am entitled to do and when I posted my views, many people got offended with some even suggesting that I ‘should no longer be a fan’. I mean seriously?! In what rule book does it say you should have to like everything that a band/artist produces? As a music fan, you should be discerning. You do not owe the artist in question your consistent loyalty, dedication or devotion.

Many people will refrain from posting their honest views on social media if their opinions are in disagreement or opposition to the majority of other comments because they are afraid of a back lash. I have NEVER felt this way. I guess I am fearless and I post exactly what I think because I am not a people pleaser. I am not going to conceal my true opinions to be popular or to keep my existing ‘friends’. If you are friends with someone on Facebook you have never met before, they are only seeing you from one perspective, it’s a very ambiguous and one-dimensional viewpoint. They don’t know or understand the REAL you.

Well it’s now the morning after I started writing this article and I see my friends list has dropped to under 300 people. The ‘real’ friends are still there and the ones that don’t matter are gone — I must have done something right!

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