Great article Nicole! I’m a non-inked person & I think covering oneself with tattoos is a lazy form of self expression. What did people do thirty years ago before tattoos became so popular? They expressed themselves with their own natural beauty, their hair, clothes, jewellery and their smile! Today, every second person you see walking down the street is covered in tattoos. They look like walking walls of graffiti & not in a cool, artsy sort of way! I personally think tattoos ruin natural beauty. I think they’re vile & don’t apologise for that.

I hate needles so unless I have to give a blood sample, I avoid them. Unlike others, I don’t feel the need to endure a painful process like getting ink permanently imbedded into my skin (that contains chemicals & toxins) in order to express myself. I can do that perfectly well without them because I’m a secure person. I want the first thing someone notices about me to be my smile NOT ugly tats. Tattoos to me are NOT body art, they’re a form of voluntary disfigurement. But if that’s people’s choice to get every meaningful thing in life tatted on their bodies, so be it! 😁

Writer, artist, fashion & travel blogger, former cabin crew. Dublin, Ireland. Creator & editor of:

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