Gift Your Loved One a Snug Sweater this Christmas

Cable knitted dress
Cable knitted dress by

1. Aran Sweater — quintessentially Irish

Aran sweaters are the classic choice for both men and women. Often known as a Fisherman sweater, they are distinguished by their use of complex textured stitch patterns, several of which are combined in the creation of a single garment. Aran cardigans & sweaters are knitted with a soft yarn called merino in the natural báinín (bawneen) color and in other colors reflective of the Irish countryside. The patterns, designs and embossed decoration in every garment still represent the loves, lives, losses and defiance of the Aran Island community. Every stitch tells a story!

Rocking the cable knit biker hoody by
Fisherman tweed crew neck sweater by

2. Peplum Knit Sweater

This soft and luxurious white sweater by & other stories (€79) is made from alpaca and wool blend. Its nipped in peplum waist gives a feminine silhouette. I wear mine with black jeggings and black ankle boots.

Loving this peplum knit sweater by

3. Ombre Knit Sweater

Wrap up in this cozy and super stylish ombre knit sweater in purple by Zara (€29.95). Long sleeve with a high neck, it’s ideal worn with jeans or leggings for lounging in at home.

Ombre knit sweater by
Jacquard landscape sweater by

4. Cable Knitted Dress

If you’re looking for something in between a long sweater and a dress, why not try this gorgeous cable knitted dress (€79.99) by Super Dry? Ideal to pair with opaque tights and knee high boots for a dressed down, casual look.

Cable knitted dress by
Harlo Zig Zag Crew jumper by

5. Embellished Sleeve Knit

Even if you’re not going to a Christmas party this year, your sweater can still be glamorous and festive. Sparkle and shine with this snazzy sequin embellished sleeve knit in black (€39.96) by Carraig Donn. You’ll certainly impress your relatives on that Christmas Day Zoom call!

Embellished sleeve knit by

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