Christmas in Prague

Experiencing the magic of Czech yuletide traditions…

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My mother & I visited the beautiful, medieval city of Prague on a short city break last December. We browsed the Christmas market stalls at Wenceslas Square which had been transformed into a ‘winter wonderland’. The air was filled with the fragrant smell of mulled wine, spicy gingerbread & delicious hot, sugar coated pastries. Outdoor Christmas shopping is much nicer with a hot cup of mulled wine in your hand!

I had fallen in love with this enchanting city on a previous visit during the month of May. In December however, the festive atmosphere lends itself to an even greater charm than usual. My mother & I were hoping to experience something special this year.

It was getting dark as we arrived in Old Town Square & saw three figures dressed up in costume — St Nicholas, an Angel & a Devil. Gathered around were a throng of small children gazing in awe but with a look of apprehension on their faces. Their parents were standing nearby looking on with masked grins. St Nicholas asks each child if they’ve been naughty or nice. After singing a song, the good children are rewarded with a gift.

Merry Czech Christmas!

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