A Fashionista’s Friday Fetish

Why you should never shy away from the big, crazy challenge of shopping on Black Friday…

Photo by freestocks.org on Unsplash

I’ll admit that I’m a total fashion addict with a keen eye for a good bargain. When I’m shopping online & see something I want I must satisfy my fashion fix! When I woke up on Black Friday, I felt ecstatic — I could smell the bargains stronger than the coffee I was brewing! Those deals were calling out to me, so I headed into Dublin city to my favorite department store, Brown Thomas on Grafton St. No one was going to come between me & landing the perfect deal!

Online shopping has its advantages, but nothing compares to the buzz & chaos of trawling through the crowds of a department store to finally get your hands on the hottest designer bag! The adrenalin rush of triumphantly holding up that half price Michael Kors bag over the heads of all the other shoppers as if you are the victor in the fashion ‘Battle of The Bags” contest! It was only 10am & as I slowly made my way to the designer bags section, there was already a gaggle of excited fashionistas gathered around the Stella McCartney stand fondling the latest ‘must have’ leather totes.

Being a long time Kate Spade fan, I was determined to snap up the fabulous Reese Park Chain Strap bag which was marked down by 20%. It would be the perfect accompaniment to my little black dress for my upcoming Christmas party. I absolutely needed to make my work colleagues green with envy when I arrived at the party wearing the perfect eye candy on my shoulder! When I found the one I was looking for in red, I picked it up & gently caressed the soft leather. I was about to take the bag up to the cashier to pay when I felt a sharp tug on the strap. “Hey, I saw that one first!”

I turned around & my eyes met with a tall, older lady staring me down through her horn-rimmed specs. “Sorry, I didn’t see you there”, I said, “there must be some misunderstanding”. “I queued all morning to buy this bag — it’s the last one available at this price”, she said haughtily. While I was thinking of the perfect comeback, I had a very strange feeling that I was being watched. I looked up & the security cameras on the wall were pointed right at me!

Photo by Niv Singer on Unsplash

I was determined to buy this bag & no one was going to stop me. “I’m sure there are other fabulous Kate Spade bags that you’d love with the same reductions, why don’t you have a look?”, I said as politely as possible. The lady glared at me & yanked the bag out of my hand! I looked up at the security camera, gestured at the pushy lady & made a “I hope you’re getting THIS!” expression. “Oh. My. Gawd…what’s happening?!” I said staring over her shoulder. She took the bait & turned around to have a look. I immediately grabbed the bag back off her & high-tailed it to the cashier.

In my hurry to escape, I tripped & crashed right into the handbag display knocking all the bags onto the floor!

As I lay there stunned on the floor unable to move, I could hear a loud voice above me, “Are you ok?” A sympathetic looking sales assistant grabbed my arm & helped me to my feet. The commotion had drawn a curious crowd of shoppers to see what was going on. To my horror I realized that the whole embarrassing incident was being recorded by the security cameras — I was mortified! The sales assistant brought me over to a chair & I sat down. “Where is my bag?” I asked, “I was just about to buy that fabulous Kate Spade bag.” I pointed to the pile of bags on the floor that had toppled off the stand, but the bag was nowhere to be seen.

I made it clear to the sales assistant I wasn’t going to leave the store without this bag, so she went off to find the store manager. I looked up & yet again the security camera was following me. Was there someone in a back-room filming customers unawares for some ridiculous reality show that was going to be broadcast on YouTube? Suddenly I had visions of being a contestant on “The Black Friday Freakshow” where desperate customers fight it out on the shop floor for the best deals in front of a cheering crowd. Instead of fighting over Jean Claude van Damme like Monica & Rachel in an episode of Friends, the contestants would be flipping each other for luxury goods!

The winner would walk away triumphantly holding up their well-earned designer items. The store could award a t-shirt to the winner with the slogan, “I Survived Black Friday!”

The sales assistant finally arrived back with the store manager, a kindly looking lady with a sympathetic smile. “I’m terribly sorry about the accident, she said. “I do hope you’re alright, but I believe this will make you feel much better.” My eyes widened as she held a red leather bag with a gold chain strap in her hand — it was the gorgeous Kate Spade bag! “Oh my God yes, yes it does! Thank you,” I said. The manager beamed with pleasure. “According to our security records, you are the 1000th customer to visit the store today so we are rewarding you with 50% off anything in the store for the next year.” At that moment, my smile was so wide, you could have driven a car into my mouth!

I already have my eye on an elegant pair of black suede Malone Souliers heels with gold detail. These will be the perfect accompaniment to my little black dress to make an impact at the Christmas party. Reality show or not, I was the victor that day. What I learned was to never shy away from the big, crazy challenge of shopping on Black Friday — it gives the biggest rewards!

Writer, artist, fashion & travel blogger, former cabin crew. Dublin, Ireland. Creator & editor of: www.phunkypunkfashion.com

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