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How fashion designers continue to be inspired by Surrealist art in the creation of their collections

Elsa Schiaparelli Lobster dress 1937

Back in 1995, Madonna released a music video called ‘Bedtime Stories’ which paid homage to the work of several female surrealists. One of them was British born surrealist artist, Leonora Carrington. The video includes a scene where Madonna opens her robe to release a flock of birds, much like the central figure in Carrington’s The Giantess (ca. 1947).

Check out the luxury brands producing the most stylish, sustainable and eco friendly handbags and purses

Koko handbag courtesy GUNAS

Nowadays when we shop online, knowing the bag we’re buying is sustainably produced as well as long lasting is important. Savvy shoppers not only want a stylish, chic bag but also one that is ethically made and eco friendly. So how can we make sure we’re buying something that doesn’t harm anyone or anything?

The good news is that many fashion brands are now using recyclable materials in innovative ways to produce their luxury bags. Let me dish out the dirt on where to buy the best sustainable handbags and purses.

1. O My Bag

The team at O My Bag strive to make…

Embrace the hottest trend of matching your face mask to your outfit for a coordinated look

Wearing one of my own art creations on my face mask (photo by author)

Since last March, wearing a face mask has become second nature to us all. Masks are now a wardrobe essential and something we will be wearing for the foreseeable future. Wearing face masks can be fashionable as well as functional and they are a form of self expression. Matching your face mask to your outfit has become the hottest look of 2021 with many celebrities and royals embracing the trend.

The Duchess of Cambridge matches a navy blue blazer with an elegant floral print face mask which perfectly complements her outfit.

Accentuate your style and express yourself by choosing a unique, ethically handcrafted piece of jewelry this spring

Whale tail ring by Atolea

As every woman knows, the jewelry you wear says a lot about your personality. It can add another dimension to your personal brand by accentuating your style with a statement piece. An outfit can be completely transformed with just one simple, understated piece of jewelry. Not only does jewelry compliment your outfit, it announces your arrival as you walk into a room! Find out how to create maximum impact this spring with these beautiful, ethically handcrafted jewelry brands that are kinder to both the people and the planet:

1. Caraliza

Caraliza represents an Irish-Indian love story which is at the heart and…

Inject some gothic style into your wardrobe with a Victorian inspired puff sleeve or ruffle blouse

Victorian puff sleeve blouse (photo credit

Fashion is cyclical and many trends come back in fashion every few years. The Victorian inspired puff sleeve is no exception with many high street fashion brands such as Oasis and Zara featuring this style in their latest collections.

The puff sleeve originates during the late Victorian era (1890s) with women’s dresses and outer garments featuring a ‘leg of mutton’ or gigot style puff sleeve. The puff stopped at the elbow and the lower arm was swathed in tight-fitting fabric to the wrists. The sleeves would be lined with stiffened fabric to retain their shape. …

Take inspiration from Bernie and choose sustainably sourced fashion with these cozy, eco friendly mittens

Bernie Sander’s stylish sustainable mittens that caused an internet sensation! (copyright Brendan Smialowski/AFP via Getty Images)

By now you will all have seen the hilarious ‘Bernie memes’ that have become an internet sensation featuring Bernie Sanders wearing what appears to be a pair of oven gloves at Inauguration Day on January 20th. The Vermont senator is in fact wearing mittens made from repurposed wool sweaters that are lined with fleece made from recycled plastic bottles. These stylish sustainable mittens were created by Jen Ellis, a teacher from Vermont and gifted to Bernie. I took the liberty of sharing one of my favorite Bernie memes below.

Versatile, comfortable and easy to wear, the jumpsuit fits in perfectly with your busy lifestyle

Make onsies sexy again! Image courtesy

From 80s wardrobe outcast to firm fashion favorite, the jumpsuit has been experiencing a revival. We want simplicity, comfort and ease in what we choose to wear daily. Nothing accomplishes this goal of sartorial speed and effortlessness like the jumpsuit. Dress it up with a pair of stilettos or dress it down with a pair of pumps or trainers. Versatile, comfortable and easy to wear, the jumpsuit fits in perfectly with a woman’s busy lifestyle. …

Looking for the perfect gift? Check out the wide range of stylish men’s & ladies knitwear this season

Cable knitted dress
Cable knitted dress by

It’s that time of year when we’re all racking our brains trying to come up with the perfect gift for our loved ones. This Christmas, why not choose a snug and cozy sweater? Prepare to see the look of gratitude in your recipient’s face as they unwrap their knitted bundle of joy! No doubt they’ll be thrilled with a stylish and practical piece of knitwear that will keep them warm and cozy during those cold winter days ahead.

If you’re looking for…

Stay warm, cozy and glamorous this winter with the perfect hat, scarf or gloves to add the finishing touches to your outfit.

Mohair viscose scarf
Mohair viscose scarf courtesy Blarney Woolen Mills

When I venture outdoors to go for a brisk walk in my local park, I want to feel warm, comfortable and cozy. After I put on my favorite ‘go to’ khaki green parka with the fur trimmed hood, I choose warm and cozy accessories to complete the look. Choosing the right hat, scarf and gloves to wear with your favorite outerwear is the key to looking uber chic, stylish and staying warm this winter!

So what are the winter accessories you should be buying? Check out my suggestions below to inject some much needed vitality and glamour into last year’s…

These creepy photos of children dressed up in Halloween costumes look like they are straight out of a Tim Burton movie!

A toddler wearing a creepy skull mask in a photo from the 1920s courtesy Getty images

Halloween costumes from the first half of the 20th century were truly terrifying. Before Halloween evolved into the family-friendly, party occasion we know it as, October 31 was deeply linked to ghosts and superstitions. Drawing on the holiday’s pagan and Christian roots — as a night to ward off evil spirits or reconcile with death, respectively — people often opted for more morbid, serious costumes than the pop culture-inspired ones of today.

Children in Creepy Costumes

I’ve always been fascinated by the creepy, ghoulish children’s Halloween costumes from the 1920s. It makes the popular super hero costumes of today seem lame in comparison. Small…

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